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fall sale!!

Enjoy the 23Postcards FALL SALE! This Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, everything in the shop is 25% OFF!!! (Prices have been changed to reflect the sale!) Happy Fall!

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back to the basics

So now that the business side of this whole shebang is relatively squared away, I finally found myself back in the studio tonight! It was so fun being in there with paint all over my hands and new techniques on the canvas.

When I was working with a designer on a blog design (coming!) a while back, I had to go through everything in the studio to pick out my favorite things. It was completely worth it, however, when I opened the doors at the beginning of the weekend, it truly looked like a tornado had come through. I was able to move a few things out of the room, and I could at least walk inside, but the best change I made was taking out all of the printing/scanning equipment. It feels so much more open, and I can’t wait to get some organizational shelving units for all of the ephemera that seems to be growing exponentially!

Speaking of… my mom (and unofficial 23Postcards ephemera buyer) was in Maine last week, and she came home with some amazing finds!

Here’s a sneak peek of the piece I started tonight:

I was also able to finish the ‘Love Story‘ piece that I just hadn’t been able to get a handle on! It had such a promising beginning, but the more I worked on it, the more I was losing direction… So after not looking at it for over a month, I revisited it tonight and finally had a breakthrough! It turned out to be a really special piece, but I’ll go into more details when I show the finished product! I will post pictures of it soon, and look for more listings in the Etsy shop this week!

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things lately

Things around here have been a little crazy the past couple weeks, and a lot of big things have been happening…

My friend/boss Tori had her baby on the 18th, and Anna Greer has been such a fun addition to our work days!

And, in 23Postcards news, I had my first sale in the Etsy shop! I have no idea how the buyer found my shop, but I’m thrilled (a sale made all of this seem so real). I hope she loves the ‘Orange‘ photograph! I still have so much work to do on the shop (getting the rest of my mixed media pieces listed, researching shipping, etc.), but I am excited about what’s to come.

Don’t you love these stickers from Scrappinren Creations?! I want everyone to have a few special touches on their packages from me, and I was thrilled to find these!

So please pardon the hiatus… I’m back!

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it’s official!

It’s official- there are listings in the 23Postcards Etsy shop!!! All the matting supplies arrived today, so I am ready to go! For now (as I perfect the prints of my mixed media pieces) I will be adding in a few of my ‘pictures from europe’ photographs. Not every photograph listed will be one I have written about already, but they will all be mentioned at some point!

There are only four listings now, but I will be adding new ones often, so keep checking back… and I hope to have the mixed media prints in the shop this weekend.

This is all a big ‘learn as you go’ situation, so if you have any trouble with the shop (or anything else), please let me know!

In other great news, the blog design is complete and should be getting programmed soon! I can’t wait for you to see it.

ps- If you are ever interested in buying one of the photographs on the blog, email me at or message me on Etsy and we will work something out.

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My life lately has primarily existed on the interstate. After a quick trip to Wild Dunes and the week in Arkansas, I was home for a day before loading back up and heading to Atlanta for the weekend.

We went straight to Turner Field for a Braves game where we had ridiculous seats right behind the Braves dugout. My 8-year-old brother (who is obsessed with MLB baseball and especially the Braves) got two balls (one tossed to him by 1st baseman Troy Glaus, the other from 1st base coach Glenn Hubbard!), caught a t-shirt AND was on the jumbo tron… he said it was the best night of his life. It was pretty legendary. To top off a great game, Sara Evans gave a concert on the field right after.

The next day we had a fun brunch and a trip to Anthropologie, my very favorite store. It’s a visual candyland- everywhere I turned I was inspired by their displays and products… my favorites this trip were a postcard bedspread(!) and an incredible display filled with the most interesting ways to hold books, from drawers on the wall to shelves made of hardbacks sitting on brackets. We have already plotted a project to do based on what we saw!

The weekend ended with my great uncle Ed’s 95th birthday party, where he and my brother did one arm pushups beside the cake. It was a perfect weekend trip!

I am home now for the long haul, and I can finally dig in (with all of the legalities in order) and get the 23Postcards Etsy shop open!

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success is not measured by…

Why is it so hard to remind yourself that success is not measured by the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers or blog readers you have? I manage clients’ social media everyday, so why can’t I be level-headed about my own? After working myself into an impressive state of panic this afternoon, I closed the computer and spent 3 perfect hours in the studio. I think it took me getting back into creating to remember why I’m doing all of this! (It also helped to find that a friend had given me just the encouragement I needed by showing his support for my new venture!)

I started this background for a very special piece I’m doing, and I also got a bit more done on my ‘love notes’…

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My studio is my new favorite place in the world. All of the junk, (oops, I meant treasures) are piled in drawers, tacked to cork boards and hung on the wall, and all my supplies are neatly organized in my desk. (Only other messy people can understand the loveliness of having one room that is completely put together!)

A big thank you to my friend Joy for the perfect wall organizer as a ‘studio-warming gift!’

I should clarify that my studio is actually a big utility closet, but I feel that if I call it a studio enough times, it will be.

So here it is… my new closet 🙂

Thank you to my friend Joy for the perfect wall organizer as a ‘studio-warming gift’

And here’s where I spill the beans…I wrote the section above when my studio was first put together a few weeks ago. Fast forward to today, when I went back to take updated photos, and you can see what has happened!

(the finishing touch is the fantastic Anthropologie ‘C’ from my travel buddy Sarah- She knew exactly what was missing!)

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