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Please use Coupon Code GIVINGTHANKS25 for 25% OFF everything in the 23Postcards Etsy Shop! Happy Thanksgiving! (offer valid through Tuesday)

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fall sale!!

Enjoy the 23Postcards FALL SALE! This Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, everything in the shop is 25% OFF!!! (Prices have been changed to reflect the sale!) Happy Fall!

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love notes

Drum roll…

‘Love Notes’ is finally finished and up in the Etsy Shop! I received the finishing touches in the mail today from Artsy Dove, and I am so happy to share the final product! The photograph is of my maternal grandfather in his barracks during the Korean War. The notes in the left corner were written on the back of the photograph, which was sent to my grandmother (his new bride). The notes say, “Here I is writing to you Honey” (a joke between them), “See our wedding picture up in the right hand corner?” and “Your big one is just on the other side of it” …

I love that he wanted her to see the ways he kept her with him.

Also new in the Shop:

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it’s official!

It’s official- there are listings in the 23Postcards Etsy shop!!! All the matting supplies arrived today, so I am ready to go! For now (as I perfect the prints of my mixed media pieces) I will be adding in a few of my ‘pictures from europe’ photographs. Not every photograph listed will be one I have written about already, but they will all be mentioned at some point!

There are only four listings now, but I will be adding new ones often, so keep checking back… and I hope to have the mixed media prints in the shop this weekend.

This is all a big ‘learn as you go’ situation, so if you have any trouble with the shop (or anything else), please let me know!

In other great news, the blog design is complete and should be getting programmed soon! I can’t wait for you to see it.

ps- If you are ever interested in buying one of the photographs on the blog, email me at or message me on Etsy and we will work something out.

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this and that… plus a great birthday

I have thoroughly dropped the ball on the blog lately… it all started with a weekend trip to Wild Dunes with my best friend Emily for my birthday. Sitting on the beach reading delightful books, lounging in the pool and hitting our favorite places for dinners made for the perfect way to ring in my 24th year! Back in Tennessee the next night, I gathered with family and friends for one last birthday hoorah and pizza at Big Ed’s. I love birthdays!!

I was only home for three days before heading to Arkansas to visit family, and that’s where you’ll find me now, at Norfork Lake, sitting on a deck overlooking the water and a great sunset. My mom said this is her favorite place in the world (I haven’t been here since I was 4), and I can see why!

In business news, my sales tax form finally ARRIVED! This is the last piece of the ‘starting a new business’ puzzle, and I am so excited to get home and get going on the Etsy shop!

To make up for the birthday break, I’ll be doing two ‘Pictures from Europe’ this week!

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mad and glad

In a lovely chain of events, it turns out that the sales tax form I have been checking the mailbox for everyday was never processed in the first place! After speaking with some nice (and some not-so-nice) women in Nashville, we discovered that a problem occurred in the online filing of the application so nothing was ever confirmed. The application has once again been completed, so back to waiting…

In true Pollyanna form (thank goodness I have a mother who made me watch it a million times while I was growing up), I will be glad this happened and look at it as an opportunity to make sure every last detail of the business (getting the settings on my new printer just right, having prints on hand and ready to package, organizing shipping supplies, perfecting the Etsy shop policies, etc.) is settled. That way, the day the tax form arrives, 23Postcards will officially be open for business on Etsy!

Here’s a look at a very special piece I did for my boss/friend Tori. (The photos are her mom/grandmother and her dad.) I think it might be my new favorite piece…

On a separate note, a big thank you to each of you who has read my blog, become a fan on Facebook or is a follower on Twitter. I sincerely appreciate the support!

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Two steps forward, one step back… Why is it that right when you turn the corner and can see the finish line, obstacles seem to pop up much more frequently?

As I wait in vain for the elusive sales tax form, I am rushing to get all other matters settled. Today, my gorgeous new printer arrived, so now I can be completely ready to go when the form arrives! Let’s hope I can get the settings just right…

On a happier note, my fabulous designer has been working on my website (!). I can’t wait to show you the finished product, but for now, I am knee-deep in ephemera as I get her the materials she needs to finish. I have been collecting the perfect bits and bobs to send to her, and I hope it turns out as wonderful as I imagine!

Although I was dreading going through all my boxes, drawers and bags of goodies, I will admit it was fun finding all my old favorites that I haven’t laid eyes on in a while! I can’t wait to see what makes it into the design!

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